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» Titanium Specialities

» ISO 9000 Series Titanium Producers

»Made in China« became synonymous with mass-produced, cheaply made goods in the 1980s. »Made in Italy« has long been signifying craft and luxury. Of course, the truth is that you can find both well- and poorly made items under both labels. What matters more than the origin are the design and engineering, the production and quality control process.
CEO Andreas Flükiger visits and audits our Titanium Producers in China. As a Mechanical Engineer he secures an ISO 9000 process on site and makes sure production managers understand Your needs.

» Titanium Sheets and Plates

Up to 1350 mm width small and medium orders are placed directly with Titanex' fast and flexible CP Titanium Producer in China. Grade 1 through 4, 7 and 11.
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Cladding Titanium Sheets and Plates» Titanium Clad Sheets and Plates

Ti/Steel Clad Plate, Ni/Steel Clad Plate, Zr/Steel Clad Plate, SS/Steel Clad Plate, Al/Steel Clad Plate, Ti/Cu Clad Bar
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» Titanium Foils

Are produced down to 0.006 mm thickness! Small, medium and large orders are generated at reasonable price. For many sizes we still offer shorter delivery times than most others.
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» Seamless Titanium Tubes

are another speciallity. The factory produces normally for nuclear power stations and military applications. That is why we offer high precision tubes with great surfaces and tolerances. Contact us to obtain a sample piece at minimum charge.
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» Titanium Cables

are custome made. Cables and strands are offered in many Titanium Grades including Grade 5 ELI and Beta C (Grade 19). A typicall cable would contain 7 strands each of 7 wires ending up on a outside diameter of 1 mm only (49 wires totally)!
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» Titanium Wires and Bars

are certainly as well offered. With Cold Drawn, Centerless Ground or Smooth turned surface. Depending on Size and Requirement.
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» Titanium Welding Wires

Almost any Grade of Titanium welding Wire is made within 3 working days. Ready to ship straight to your Country.
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» Titanium Oilfield Tubes

Awide range of Tubes for Oil and Gas Industry according API standards.
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