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SML Ti Tube Grade 5

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» Engineering Aerospace

Titanium is immune to corrosive attack by salt water or marine atmospheres. It also exhibits exceptional resistance to a broad range of acids, alkalis, natural waters and industrial chemicals.

» Engineering Superior Erosion Resistance

Titanium offers superior resistance to erosion, cavitation or impingement attack. Titanium is at least twenty times more erosion resistant than the copper nickel alloys.

» Engineering High Heat Transfer Efficiency

Under "in service" conditions, the heat transfer properties of titanium approximate those of admiralty brass and copper nickel. There are several reasons for this:

» Engineering Superior Strength-to-Weight Ratios

The densities of titanium-based alloys range between 0.160 Ib/in³ (4.43 gm/cm³) and 0.175 Ib/in³ (4.85 gm/cm³).

Yield strengths range from 25,000 psi (172 MPa) commercially pure (CP) Grade 1 to above 200,000 psi (1380 MPa) for heat treated beta alloys.

The combination of high strength and low density results in exceptionally favorable strength-to-weight ratios for titanium-based alloys. These ratios for titanium-based alloys are superior to almost all other metals and become important in such diverse applications as deep well tube strings in the petroleum industry and surgical implants in the medical field.

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