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» Molybdenum - Molybdenium Rods / Wires

Pure Moly Rods / Wires offer usually 99.95% purity. Mostly used in heating elements and high temeprature furnaces. Line cutters, Filaments, Coil Wires, Lead Wire Supports, Electron Vacuum Components and Grids.

Molybdenium Molybden RodsPurity and other elements used to offer Molybdenium Drawing Wires, Spraying Molybdenum Wires or High Temperature Molybdenum Resistance Components.

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  • fine wires: dia. 0.02 - 2.4 mm
  • swaged rods: dia. 2.4 mm through 110 mm
  • drawn and straightened rods 7 wires: dia. 0.8 through 3.2 mm
  • surface: ground or machined

All supplied Molybdenum - Molybdenium is certified according to ASTM B 386 and 387.

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